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5 Tips for Shopping on Black Friday 2015

Thanksgiving is approaching and the holiday season is on fast forward this year. With so much going on in the world, I think people are trying to find joy wherever they can. If the holiday season doesn’t bring anything else; it brings joy! Once again, Black Friday is a mere week away, and retailers are […]

No Time for Dinner: The New Black Friday

I originally posted this in November of 2011. I figured with Black Friday approximately 30 days away, I would remix this post and add a little more to it. Thanksgiving is approaching and for the seventh year in a row cooking will not be a part of the festivities. This year we’re going to spend […]

How to Survive the Black Friday Madness!

My favorite time of the year officially kicks off next week. The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the absolute best. I love to decorate for the holidays and see all the decorations around the city. Not to mention, I get to shop for gifts! I love buying the perfect gifts for my love ones. […]