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5 Things to Remember on Valentine’s Day

5 Things to Remember for Valentine’s Day Once again the day of love is here! The day that produces 2 hour restaurant waits, millions of red roses passed along with assorted chocolates, and cupids arrow momentarily hits people in the ass. Before I go any further, let me take a moment to wish all of […]

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Care About Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day loves, I know this seems weird considering the title of this post. I wanted to acknowledge the day and send well wishes to all of you love bugs out there. Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, I can continue with my title topic. I haven’t been a fan of Valentine’s […]

It’s Almost Valentine’s Day & I’m In a Giving Mood


Shopping, Uncategorized | by — February 9, 2012

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I received a few cool beauty items that I wanted to try out, so I want to take this opportunity to give my readers a chance to win some items that are now a part of my collection.  Since I’ve started blogging, I have notice one search term on Google that has brought me a ton of traffic. […]

Oh No You Didn’t Buy Me That!

With Valentines Day approaching and the year still being somewhat fresh, we now look forward to a few occasions that may require you to give your special someone a gift.  As a professional gift giver and receiver (if such a title even exists) I have learned that there are certain things that someone should never […]

Lighting the Fire, Valentines Day is Approaching

Well it’s evident that once again Valentines Day is approaching, I walked in the store today and everything was red. Red panties, red hats, red bras, red lipstick, red shoes, red, red, red, and more red. I’ve never been much of a Valentines Day person, even when I wasn’t single and cupid had an aarow […]