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Baltimore, Freddie Gray, and the Killing of Unarmed African-Americans

Baltimore, Freddie Gray, and the Killing of Unarmed African-Americans The recent homicide of Freddie Gray in Baltimore is tragic to say the least. I remember a time when most African-Americans /Blacks felt safe around the police. Now, when I see a police officer, all feel disgust, anguish, and uneasiness. I know that not all police […]

What Happen at the Market – A Lesson on Stereotyping

What Happen at the Market – A Lesson on Stereotyping I believe I’ve written before about stereotyping or maybe I haven’t. My memory doesn’t always re-call everything I’ve written about. I learned 2 weeks ago that being stereotyped is not a good feeling. It certainly didn’t add any joy to my already long day. It’s just […]

Deitrick Haddon: Should We Expect Better Behavior from Ministers

I’m no stranger to church at all. I was raised in a Baptist church and at one point in my life was a devout “almost” straight laced choir member. It’s no surprise to me when so called preachers end up in a whole crock pot full of foolishness. I have long believed that if you […]

Life Happens: Life Just Keeps on Happening!

Life Just Keeps on Happening! I swear once you get out of synch it’s very hard to get things back to normal. Life happens and it keeps happening to me.  It seems that I’m right in the midst of it, but I think that most people have that feeling. It appears that after I moved, things just started taking […]

5 Things You Should Know Before You Get Married

5 Things you should know before you get Married Every day, I watch a movie, listen to someone, or randomly overhear someone talking about how much they want to get married. It doesn’t bother me because I feel marriage is a beautiful thing. However, I also feel that some people are more in love with […]

The Justice System has Failed African-Americans: Trayvon Martin

On Saturday, I truly understood why some say the justice system has failed African-Americans. I tried my best not to write about the Trayvon Martin case. When the killing took place last year, I decided not to write about it because I truly wanted my blog to be a place that didn’t discuss some of […]

Fat Shaming: Open Mouth Insert Foot

Fat Shaming: When you put Your Foot in Your Mouth For the last month I’ve seen fat shaming trending on the internet, but I haven’t read one article in regards to it. You would think that as a plus size woman, I would keep up with all things fat but I don’t. I didn’t read […]