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ShoeMint Haul: A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Pairs of Shoes

Shoe Mint Haul: A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Pairs of Shoes During this deep freeze, no one wants to go out unless they have to. When you do venture outdoors you have to put on so many layers of clothing until you don’t feel like it’s even worth it.  The question now becomes what do […]

Am I the Only Woman that’s Tired of Relationship Books?

Am I the Only Woman that’s tired of Relationship Books? A few days ago, I read that Tami Roman of Basketball Wives Miami is releasing a relationship book entitled Mistress 101. Judging from the title, I’m not sure what type of relationships she’s writing about or who would want her advice in the first place, […]

TJ Maxx Introduces Online Shopping: Let the Bargain Shopping Begin

TJ Maxx Introduces Online Shopping: Let the Bargain Hunt Begin Just in time for the upcoming holiday season! There are those rare occasions when something so utterly terrific crosses my path that it changes my whole outlook for the day. TJ Maxx has launched online shopping on its website. The angels on earth are now […]

Summer Dress Shopping Haul: Lane Bryant

It’s funny how you never intend to go shopping for yourself but end up shopping for you anyway. This past weekend I had simple plans, I would help my brother finish up his prom shopping and then we would have a family dinner. I planned to stay in and relax because I have been all […]

You’ve Been Dumped: Dealing with Rejection

You’ve Been Dumped: Dealing with Rejection Life doesn’t always go as planned. The same can also be said about our romantic lives. In the midst of dealing with all of the other bullshit that dating may throw our way, we also have to come up with ways to deal with rejection properly. I have come […]

The Fat Flush Experience: Fat Flush Water

The Fat Flush Experience Over the last week or so various people have been reposting a recipe for fat flush water that was made popular on the Dr. Oz show. Last year, I was down about 50 lbs and was seriously doing well on my quest to achieve my target weight. I do not have […]

Event: Black Women’s Expo Chicago

I had another full weekend that included prom shopping with my brother and attending the Black Women’s Expo here in Chicago. The expo is a 3 day event that has several seminars geared towards women combined with vendors and entertainment. It was sponsored by State Farm and Walgreens and is my favorite event to attend […]

Finding Inspiration: A Little Luck & A Splash of Color

As my vacation gets closer and closer, I have started looking for clothing and colors that inspire me. I’m looking for clothing that is comfortable, visually pleasing, and clothing with a splash of color. This year, I have really begun to explore different color shoes, clothing, scarves, and everything else I wear right down to the […]

Sweet Relief From the Heat: My Weekend Fabulous Find

Finally, some relief! Chicago has been Hot as Hell for the last 4 days with temperatures rising above 100 degrees. I’ve sweated so much over the past few days until I really should be about 10 lbs lighter. I spent most of my time indoors but had to run a few errands; so I did […]

Wear Pink and Make the Boys Wink: Summer Give Away #1

Summer officially starts in 2 days but it already feels like summer here in the Chi, the heat that we’ve had over the past couple of days has been intense. Right now it’s 10:20 pm and it’s still 90 degrees outside, no complaints here. Today, I got the pleasure of sampling some great scents from […]