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5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool

5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool Before I get started, I think I need to define what a side piece is. A side piece is basically the other person in someone’s life that’s there strictly for sexual pleasure. In fact, having a side peice has become so popular until some have labeled […]

Plus Size Dating: Dieting Does Not Help You Find a Man

Today, I feel the need to write about plus size dating from my point of view. I’ve been fortunate enough to date and not have people question my weight or tell me that I need to lose weight (at least not to my face). In fact, I haven’t heard anyone blatantly call me fat since I was […]

The Importance of Getting Away From It All

I have no idea what it is, but it seems that every time I take a nice long vacation I come back to Chicago and get sick. When I return from someplace tropical or humid, I immediately come home and catch a sinus infection. Maybe that’s the universe way of telling me I should stay […]

The Thrill is Gone: 5 Signs That it’s Time to Walk Away

As I mentioned before, this previous weekend provided me with topics and inspiration to write. I have a list of at least 50 topics that I planned to write about and this was one of them. There are times when we stay in situations way longer then we should. We hope that things will work […]

Relationship Discussion Parties: More Tales of Love Gone Wrong

This weekend I attended my first ever Relationship Discussion party. I’ve never known anyone to throw a party to discuss relationships but none the less, I got myself together and went out of curiosity of what the party entailed. The event was held in someone’s backyard but it was nicely done in which a circle […]

Two Steps Forward, Not Two Steps Back: You Don’t Have to be Friends with an Ex

Whenever I give advice, I often wonder if the advice I’m giving is the best advice. I do have strict rules about what I say, how I say it, and when I say it. Most of the time, I find that people don’t want advice they mostly want a listening ear. So I try my best […]

A Personal Case Study: Attracting People Who Live Double Lives

I’m on a roll tonight, its 3:46am and I know my ass should be in bed but when it hits me I got to get it out. Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you attract”? Well it simply means that everybody in your life whether good or bad, positive or negative has […]

Excuse Me, No Damaged Goods Here

This past weekend, I attended a gathering at Dave & Buster’s and found myself in a brief conversation with one of the women who attended. We were talking about various topics and she made mentioned to the fact that she was divorced and how divorce translates to damaged goods for some people. I didn’t tell […]

I Could Care Less What People Think of Me…This Chick Rocks!

First, I need to give mad love to Adele who not only looked stunning at the Grammys but sounded amazing. Rolling in The Deep is one of my favorite songs off her 21 CD. The girl is bad with a capital B and I love the fact that she embraces her curves and believes that […]

Shall We Date: Dating Tips & Suggestions

Dating is suppose to be a fun experience and an opportunity to simply meet and get to know each other. As a woman who dates frequently and as someone who has been on the dating scene for the pass few years. I have learned a thing or two about dating and preparing yourself for situations […]