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Shopping for the Perfect Tote-Juicy Couture Freya

  Just call me a stalker! When I have my eye on something, no matter how tempted I may be to pay full price, I go into stalk mode to get something at the very best affordable price. Here’s my story because you know I always got one. About 6 months ago in the dead […]

It’s a Very Special Week for Me – Blogiversary Giveaway

I can’t believe a year has flown by so fast. This week I celebrate my 1 year blogiversary, my blog went live September 15, 2011. I named my blog Shauntee because people often refer to me by my middle name and state that Shauntee is my alter ego. It has definitely been a labor of […]

Fabulous Fashions Finds – My Golden Rules for a Fashionably Fabulous Life