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Be Afraid: Internet and Mobile Dating Experiences

Be Afraid: Internet and Mobile Dating Experiences This week, I got into an interesting conversation about online dating. I used online dating websites off and on until 2012 when I got fed up with the foolishness. I found myself thinking that almost everyone I met on an internet and mobile dating environment is “off their rocker”. However, […]

Using Common Sense When Dating Online

I have written blogs about dating and meeting people online before. Today, I came across this story and felt sorry for this lady at first and then felt that maybe she was just plain stupid. Stupid is a rather harsh word, but I lack a better name at the moment for her, maybe desperate, lonely………..Apparently, […]

Online Dating: Meet Your Top 6 Contenders

This weekend I got into an interesting conversation about online dating. I used online dating  off and on until 2010 when I  said enough is enough. I found myself thinking that almost everyone you meet in an online environment is slightly “off their rocker” but wondered if the same could be said about me since I […]

I Remember A Time When Dating Was Much Simpler

I remember a time when dating was so simple and fun. Someone would ask you out via a phone call not text, you say yes, and when the day of your date arrives they contacted you to tell you what time they would pick you up. You spent all day picking out the right outfit, […]

Stop Looking For Love: Let Fate Work It’s Magic

In my quest to find love and some type of fulfilling magical relationship, I’ve read tons and tons of articles in magazines, on the internet, and I’ve even purchased a book or two that’s suppose to give you all the great tips on how to meet someone and places you should go to meet them. […]

Shall We Date: Dating Tips & Suggestions

Dating is suppose to be a fun experience and an opportunity to simply meet and get to know each other. As a woman who dates frequently and as someone who has been on the dating scene for the pass few years. I have learned a thing or two about dating and preparing yourself for situations […]

We’re Nothing Alike: Do Opposites Really Attract?

Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone who was completely opposite then you are? You like loud music, they like peace and quiet, you’re the social butterfly, they like to hold the corner spot in the room, you’re organized chaos and neat & tidy is their middle name. You’re the star of the freak […]

Entertaining the Multitudes

I noticed a post on FaceBook that caught my eye, it was an article on dating multiple people and the rules attached to dating multiple people. Madame Noire is an online publication geared towards African Americans. They posted one question on FaceBook that simply asked do you date multiple people. So it of course it […]


 How long should you wait before you say there’s no chemistry? I mean for some it’s an instant connection, you lock eyes, and you feel something but you’re unsure what it is. As you continue to get to know the person the feeling intensifies and you begin to feel the butterflies, you smile at the […]

Have You Been Bitten By the Love Bug?

So someone asked me how do you know you’re in love? Now I’m not a love expert at all and I have honestly kept myself away from it for awhile but someone slipped through the cracks this year and I can say that falling in love is an indescribable feeling. It’s like a sudden shock […]