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Sheryl Underwood and Curly Nappy Beads of Hair

Hi Loves. Yes, I’m still among the land of the living so let me get straight to the point! This week Sheryl Underwood co-host of “The Talk”, received major backlash after making some comments about afro hair on a re-aired episode that aired August 31st. I waited until today to watch the clip thinking that […]

Pantene Pro-V: Truly Natural Collection

Pantene Pro-V Collection: Truly Natural I was honored to be selected to try these products from Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural. The Pro-V formula offers deep cleansing without stripping away the natural moisture. I stopped relaxing my hair in 2011 because I found that my hair had thinned out tremendously. I lost the thickness and fullness […]

I Am Not My Hair: I Guess Some People Didn’t Get the Memo

I haven’t followed the Olympics at all this week, after hearing about Gabby Douglas and the U.S.A gymnastics team; I decided to watch the gymnastics portion to check out the women Sports Illustrated labeled the Fab Five. As I sit here and watch Gabby Douglas perform her various routines, I am highly disappointed that people […]