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Was This Plus Size Woman Overly Sensitive After Body Shaming in Old Navy?

Hanne Blank

Are Plus Size Women Overly Sensitive? Yesterday, I read a story on social media about a picture of a plus size woman that went viral after she was body shamed in Old Navy. While shopping, Rachel Taylor became offended after she overheard a conversation between a mother and daughter regarding the size of a tank top. According […]

Love Yourself Enough to Know Better #KylieJennerLipChallenge


I remember as a child and pre-teen being rather insecure about my lips. My lips in conjunction with my expressive eyes are trademarked features of mine since birth. I find it hilarious and somewhat sad that young women will now go to extreme measures to pull off the #kyliejennerlipchallenge. What is the purpose and why […]

Ray Rice Scandal: Would You Help A Victim of Domestic Violence


Ray Rice Scandal: Would You Help A Victim of Domestic Violence I was watching Queen Latifah’s talk show last week and found myself cheering her on when she mentioned the whole Ray Rice situation. In case anyone has been living under a rock for the past month or so. Ray Rice, an NFL player, was […]

ShoeMint Haul: A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Pairs of Shoes


Shoe Mint Haul: A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Pairs of Shoes During this deep freeze, no one wants to go out unless they have to. When you do venture outdoors you have to put on so many layers of clothing until you don’t feel like it’s even worth it.  The question now becomes what do […]

8 Things to Do While Stuck in the House during the Polar Vortex


8 Things to Do While Stuck in the House during the Polar Vortex The weather in Chiberia, formerly known as Chicago, Illinois, has been attributed to something called the Polar Vortex. I had no idea what that was so I decided to Google it and see what I can find out. Guess what? I still […]

She’s A Home Wrecker: Website Exposes “The Other Woman”

Don’t you just love the wonderful invention we call social media? The website (She’s A Home Wrecker) now allows you to put your partner’s mistress on blast. I got a chance to visit the website and as sure as the sky is blue, the website was full of poorly dressed women who had all ruined […]

Straight Talk: Invisalign the Clear Choice


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.   Straight Talk: Invisalign the Clear Alternative Choice As a kid and as an adult, I never paid much attention to the small gap I have in between my two front teeth. I guess no one else paid attention as well […]

You Are What You Answer To ~ Guest Post

Brrrring You Are What You Answer To It was the sound of my Facebook inbox indicator. Thinking that it was one of my actual friends, I stopped what I was doing to attend to it. Unfortunately, it was a random guy asking me “Wat up?” Normally, I don’t respond to elementary messages like this from […]

The Fat Flush Experience: Fat Flush Water


The Fat Flush Experience Over the last week or so various people have been reposting a recipe for fat flush water that was made popular on the Dr. Oz show. Last year, I was down about 50 lbs and was seriously doing well on my quest to achieve my target weight. I do not have […]

Social Media: 5 Tactics We Use To Get Attention on Facebook

From my understanding Facebook was created as a way for people to connect, reconnect, and communicate with the world. However, it has taken on a new addictive form that requires 2 things a bag of freshly popped popcorn and a bottle of wine. Who knew social media could be so entertaining! In the world of […]