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5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool

5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool Before I get started, I think I need to define what a side piece is. A side piece is basically the other person in someone’s life that’s there strictly for sexual pleasure. In fact, having a side peice has become so popular until some have labeled […]

Did You Really Have to Let the World Know He Cheated?

As most of you may know, I’m not a huge fan of sharing personal problems that you and your partner may be facing. I believe that it’s better to work things out in private without the interference of everyone. Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been reading various articles about Tina Campbell of gospel duo […]

Hot Topic of the Week: How to Hire a Man Stealer

Believe it or not, I actually do pay attention to the keywords and phrases that people search for that leads them to my blog. It helps me know what you’re reading, what you’re not reading, and future topics that I may want to write about. This week I had one phrase that stood out that […]

A Personal Case Study: Attracting People Who Live Double Lives

I’m on a roll tonight, its 3:46am and I know my ass should be in bed but when it hits me I got to get it out. Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you attract”? Well it simply means that everybody in your life whether good or bad, positive or negative has […]

Dealing with a Cheating Partner

At some point in our lives, especially in our late teens and early twenties, we have all cheated on someone. By the time we’re in our thirties most of us have dealt with a cheating partner. I’ve seen many articles that explain what the signs of cheating are, the late nights, the unexpected distance, the […]

The Ex-Factor

I love a healthy debate; after all that’s what us Geminis do best, communicate! The other day I responded to a FaceBook status of one of my friends that stated, “Going back to an ex is like reading a book over again expecting a different ending” I agreed with the post but someone else made […]

Me, Myself & I

Happiness is something that comes from deep within. It doesn’t come from your family, your friends or your significant other. It comes from you!!!! You cannot depend on anyone to make you happy and you certainly can’t depend on people to always do things that make you happy. I have heard so many people scream […]

Where are all the Good Single Black Men….

Well according to studies conducted by the pickings are slim. Although the chart reflects that there are virtual no good black men (depending on ones definition of good). I remain optimistic that there is somebody for everybody. I continuously keep my options open because I definitely don’t limit myself to dating only African Americans. […]

National Unmarried & Single Americans Week, September 18 – 24, 2011

  Apparently this week is National Unmarried and Single Americans week. I was unaware that this week existed until I was surfing the web today and this shit popped up. The third week of September every year is set aside to celebrate this joyous, or for some, not so joyous occasion. I don’t know if I should I […]

Taking Out Trash——–The Art of Moving On

Its 1:04 am and I just got in from a long day at work and hanging out but I had to write this while it was fresh in my head.  No, I’m not writing a blog on how to take out the trash….by trash I mean letting go of emotional baggage that’s clouding your head. I […]