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5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool


5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool Before I get started, I think I need to define what a side piece is. A side piece is basically the other person in someone’s life that’s there strictly for sexual pleasure. In fact, having a side peice has become so popular until some have labeled […]

Looking For The One: 5 Reasons Why People Won’t Commit

reasons why they wont commit

How many times have we given of ourselves unconditionally to someone who hadn’t rightfully earned it?  We assume that because we are showing someone how good we are they will automatically say “hey, that’s a good person” let me hold on to him/her. We assume that by doing these things this person will somehow decide […]

Mission Impossible: Cleaning Up Someone Else’s Mess

mission impossible cleaning up someone else's mess

Mission Impossible: Cleaning Up Someone Else’s Mess Sometimes when we date people, we unwillingly become involved in their messy situations. We have to deal with their emotional problems, their family drama, and sometimes the ex who won’t let go. We begin what I like to call a Mission Impossible task of cleaning up someone else’s mess. . Deep […]

Sorry….My Emotions Are Unavailable At This Time….Please Leave A Message

Do you remember when you were younger and your primary goal was to learn how to ride a bike? You started off with training wheels and then the training wheels were taken off. You now found yourself having to balance yourself and hold the bike steady as you tried to guide it. No matter how […]