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Switching Teams: Becoming a Lesbian as a Last Resort

Becoming a Lesbian as a Last Resort Yesterday, I read a very interesting article that caught my attention. The author wrote about women becoming lesbians as a last resort. The article Emotional Nudity: The Truth about Swearing off Men appeared in Essence online and touched on how the lack of suitable male mates has women […]

The Ex Factor: Going Back to An Ex

When a break up occurs people often consider giving it another chance. As I stated previously, break ups suck big time. But sometimes going back to an ex can be even worse. An ex is an example of what you don’t need in your life. Generally the second or third time around isn’t any better. […]

Comfortable: The Consequences of Being Single Too Long

Comfortable: I’ve Been Single Too Long I came to the conclusion this weekend that I’ve been single too long. So much so, until I think I would have a hard time adjusting to being in a relationship. In fact, I questioned myself everyday as to whether I would want to be in a committed relationship […]

Are You Falling in Love?

So someone asked me how do you know you’re in love? Sometimes I think this is the strangest question ever. Because I had the misconception that people knew when they’re in love with someone. But apparently some don’t or they simply don’t understand the feelings they’re experiencing. It remains one of the constant search phrases […]

Back Together Again: Chris Brown and Rihanna

  Last night, the news story officially confirmed that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years. In 2009, during Grammy weekend (why does stuff always happen during the Grammy’s), Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna in his car leaving her battered […]

Dating Pet Peeves: The Invisible Third Person

Months ago, I remember reading a full list of dating pet peeves that alienate both men and women. Nothing is worst than going on a date with an annoying person. Some people make up an excuse to leave (yeah, I’ve done that), and others just stick it out (yeah, I’ve done that too). That’s one […]

Greek Love Myths: Are You In Love?

Hey Loves, I’m pulling one from the archives today, I wrote this almost 2 years ago and probably 2 people read it. I put a lot of effort into studying the different types of love based on Greek love myths. I was totally oblivious that these actually existed so I remixed this post and hopefully […]

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Care About Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day loves, I know this seems weird considering the title of this post. I wanted to acknowledge the day and send well wishes to all of you love bugs out there. Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, I can continue with my title topic. I haven’t been a fan of Valentine’s […]

Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough: Lessons in Love

As we grow and mature, we all have some definition of love and what love is. In our teenage years when we have that first crush or get our very first boyfriend, we don’t think about what love really is nor do we think about what a relationship requires. Way too much for a teenager […]

How Does Instagram Ruin Relationships

I’m going to get straight to the point here. Why do people try to turn every social media website into a porn site? What is it about social media that makes people want to take off their clothes? I have no problem with nudity whatsoever, however, there’s a time, place, and websites dedicated to such. […]