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5 Tacky Situations People Share on Social Media

5 Tacky Situations People Share on Social Media This topic has been on my mind for awhile. As much as I love social media it has it pros and cons. Lately, I’ve seen, read, and viewed posts that make me question what exactly is going through someone’s head. Social media is not a share all […]

Dating & Religion: Changing Your Beliefs for Love

UPDATE: As with any tabloid or rumor; this one has been found to be false. Janet & hubby are reported as being blissfully in love. Although this story was false; it was certainly a good topic with great feedback. Feel free to read more here.   Dating & Religion: Would You Change Your Beliefs for Love? Janet […]

Mother Knows Best: Are Mothers Always Right?

Mothers play an intricate part in our dating life. When we meet who we perceive as the one we happily make plans to introduce our new boo to our mothers. From personal experience, somebody’s momma can make or break the relationship. Sometimes the phrase “ mother knows best ” rings true and dear sweet momma […]

She’s A Home Wrecker: Website Exposes “The Other Woman”

Don’t you just love the wonderful invention we call social media? The website (She’s A Home Wrecker) now allows you to put your partner’s mistress on blast. I got a chance to visit the website and as sure as the sky is blue, the website was full of poorly dressed women who had all ruined […]

Deitrick Haddon: Should We Expect Better Behavior from Ministers

I’m no stranger to church at all. I was raised in a Baptist church and at one point in my life was a devout “almost” straight laced choir member. It’s no surprise to me when so called preachers end up in a whole crock pot full of foolishness. I have long believed that if you […]

5 Things You Should Know Before You Get Married

5 Things you should know before you get Married Every day, I watch a movie, listen to someone, or randomly overhear someone talking about how much they want to get married. It doesn’t bother me because I feel marriage is a beautiful thing. However, I also feel that some people are more in love with […]

Did You Really Have to Let the World Know He Cheated?

As most of you may know, I’m not a huge fan of sharing personal problems that you and your partner may be facing. I believe that it’s better to work things out in private without the interference of everyone. Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been reading various articles about Tina Campbell of gospel duo […]

Open Relationships: Is This the Key to a Long Lasting Partnership?

  Open Relationships: Is This the Key to a Long Lasting Partnership? I’ve never been in an open relationship or marriage. However, I’m starting to think that there are more couples who are. Many couples are challenging the perception of a traditional relationship in order to keep that spark. Last week, news circulated that actress […]

Same-Sex Marriage: Equality for All

Same-Sex Marriage: Equality for All This week has been a huge week for same-sex marriage. I’ve been following the various trending stories all week and decided to write this post after I put some really good thought into what I want to say. If anyone has read any of my post then you already know […]

Are You a Clingy Partner?

One sunny afternoon, I was walking my beloved Sebastian along the lake. Sebastian is a funny little guy; sometimes he likes his leash and sometimes he doesn’t. So this particular day, I put Sebastian’s leash on at the lake front. He tugged and pulled at the leash while I held on to the other end […]