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The Justice System has Failed African-Americans: Trayvon Martin

On Saturday, I truly understood why some say the justice system has failed African-Americans. I tried my best not to write about the Trayvon Martin case. When the killing took place last year, I decided not to write about it because I truly wanted my blog to be a place that didn’t discuss some of […]

#Paula’sBestDishes: Paula Deen’s Use of the N Word Goes Viral

#Paula’sBestDishes: Paula Deen’s Use of the N Word Goes Viral One of the many things I love about blogging is that I have a platform to say what the hell I want to say. Today, we had another case of “celebrities talk too damn much news” when Paula Deen’s use of the N word went […]

Fat Shaming: Open Mouth Insert Foot

Fat Shaming: When you put Your Foot in Your Mouth For the last month I’ve seen fat shaming trending on the internet, but I haven’t read one article in regards to it. You would think that as a plus size woman, I would keep up with all things fat but I don’t. I didn’t read […]

Oscar Nominee Quvenzhane Wallis Called a C*nt by Popular Website

Like many others, I watched the Academy Awards last night and was bored to tears. I found most of it to be dull! Seth MacFarlane is much funnier as Ted the foul mouth teddy bear then as the host. Many people took to Twitter and other social media channels to discuss the events of the […]

Valentine’s Day Murder: Olympic Track Star Oscar Pistorius Kills Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day Murder: Olympic Track Star Oscar Pistorius Murders Girlfriend I’m up late watching Nightline and trying to figure out what exactly happened with track star Oscar Pistorius. As you may recall, last year I posted a blog about the Olympics and the guy they called the blade runner. He was the first double amputee […]