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5 Tips for Shopping on Black Friday 2015

Thanksgiving is approaching and the holiday season is on fast forward this year. With so much going on in the world, I think people are trying to find joy wherever they can. If the holiday season doesn’t bring anything else; it brings joy! Once again, Black Friday is a mere week away, and retailers are […]

The Makeup Show Chicago 2015

The Makeup Show Chicago On Saturday, I got a chance to attend the Makeup Show here in Chicago at The Bridgeport Art Center. Last year was my first year attending this fabulous event, I’m not a makeup artist, but I sure do love all the fantastic vendors and learning about new brands that I wouldn’t have […]

Being Grateful for the Little Things

Being Grateful for the Little Things A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine. Both of us was in crappy moods when she stated that she was going to do an alphabetize list of her blessings. This list helped her to be grateful for the little things in life. It was […]

What My First DIY Dresser Project Taught Me

What My First DIY Dresser Project Taught Me I’m no DIY expert by a longshot, but I wanted to add a pop of color to this dresser. I purchased it so long ago until I can’t remember what month. I bought a sleeper sofa for my basement from Craigslist sometime in 2014. I wanted the sofa […]

5 Boots for Fall/Winter Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

5 Boots for Fall/Winter Every Girl Needs in Her Closet It has already gotten chilly in Chicago. I haven’t pulled out one pair of boots. I’ve seen people prancing down the street in their nice boots while I’m still walking around in my ballet flats. Somebody be a good friend and tell me it’s time to […]

Pink October: Have You Been Screened for Breast Cancer?

  Pink October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month This year I officially turned 40. When I visited my doctor for my annual exam, the first piece of paper she handed me was an order for radiology for my very first mammogram. The word mammogram sounds scary to me. I am one of those women who has […]

Why Can’t African-American Women Be More Supportive?

Why Can’t African-American Women Be More Supportive? On last Sunday, we witnessed the support of African-American actresses as Taraji P. Henson took on the role of the head cheerleader at the 2015 Emmy awards. Regina King, Uzo Aduba, and last but not least, Viola Davis took home awards for their outstanding work in various dramatic […]

Target: Ava & Viv Fall Collection 2015

Target: Ava & Viv Fall Collection 2015   I went to Target this past weekend to get toothpaste, laundry detergent, and trash bags. I had one of those life events where you go to the store for a few specific items and end up coming out with a whole new wardrobe. As I was passing […]

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Review

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall Review Don’t you just love goodie mail? Today I came home to find my Rachel Zoe Box of Style waiting patiently for me. I ‘m a subscription box junkie, but I’ve tailored my boxes down quite a bit over the past year. One of the reasons why I love […]

It’s September: Are you Falling Backwards or Forward?

As summer starts to fade away ask yourself “are you falling backwards or forward”? Have you ever just stopped and asked yourself, “where did the time go?” I had one of those moments this morning. I can’t believe how fast 2015 is going. I imagine time will continue to fly as I get older and […]