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You Are What You Answer To ~ Guest Post

Brrrring You Are What You Answer To It was the sound of my Facebook inbox indicator. Thinking that it was one of my actual friends, I stopped what I was doing to attend to it. Unfortunately, it was a random guy asking me “Wat up?” Normally, I don’t respond to elementary messages like this from […]

Dating 101: Fall in Love with You First

Dating 101: Love You First Yesterday, I posted on Twitter that it is absolutely ok to fall in love with yourself. Yes, it may sound vain or somewhat self indulgent, but loving you is a very important part of life. Loving you is the first step in having a successful dating and romantic life. It […]

You’ve Been Dumped: Dealing with Rejection

You’ve Been Dumped: Dealing with Rejection Life doesn’t always go as planned. The same can also be said about our romantic lives. In the midst of dealing with all of the other bullshit that dating may throw our way, we also have to come up with ways to deal with rejection properly. I have come […]

I’m No Longer Gay: Can a Gay Man Become Straight?

Can a Gay Man Become Straight? Antoine Dodson first hit the social media scene when he gave a vivid account to the news crew when someone broke into his home and tried to rape his sister. I can remember his catch phrase like it was yesterday “hide yo kids, hide yo wife and yo husbands too; […]

Looking For The One: 5 Reasons Why People Won’t Commit

How many times have we given of ourselves unconditionally to someone who hadn’t rightfully earned it?  We assume that because we are showing someone how good we are they will automatically say “hey, that’s a good person” let me hold on to him/her. We assume that by doing these things this person will somehow decide […]

Mission Impossible: Cleaning Up Someone Else’s Mess

Mission Impossible: Cleaning Up Someone Else’s Mess Sometimes when we date people, we unwillingly become involved in their messy situations. We have to deal with their emotional problems, their family drama, and sometimes the ex who won’t let go. We begin what I like to call a Mission Impossible task of cleaning up someone else’s mess. . Deep […]

Disappearing Acts: 5 Reasons Why Men Vanish

Disappearing Acts: 5 Reasons Why Men Vanish Dating certainly has its ups and downs. You have that fear of uncertainty but at the same time you have that excited feeling that you get when you meet someone new. I think every single woman goes out with just a little bit of hope that he may […]

Open Relationships: Is This the Key to a Long Lasting Partnership?

  Open Relationships: Is This the Key to a Long Lasting Partnership? I’ve never been in an open relationship or marriage. However, I’m starting to think that there are more couples who are. Many couples are challenging the perception of a traditional relationship in order to keep that spark. Last week, news circulated that actress […]

Office Romance: Dating a Co-worker

I’ve never had the pleasure or not so pleasurable experience of dating a co-worker or an office romance. I like to keep my life a little less dramatic. I have had the pleasure of dating someone who works in my building and when things didn’t work out it actually worked in my favor. I heard […]

Are You a Clingy Partner?

One sunny afternoon, I was walking my beloved Sebastian along the lake. Sebastian is a funny little guy; sometimes he likes his leash and sometimes he doesn’t. So this particular day, I put Sebastian’s leash on at the lake front. He tugged and pulled at the leash while I held on to the other end […]