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Be Afraid: Internet and Mobile Dating Experiences

Be Afraid: Internet and Mobile Dating Experiences This week, I got into an interesting conversation about online dating. I used online dating websites off and on until 2012 when I got fed up with the foolishness. I found myself thinking that almost everyone I met on an internet and mobile dating environment is “off their rocker”. However, […]

Should You Expose Cheaters?

Should You Expose Cheaters My question of the week is should you expose cheaters? This week, I’ve been following the story of the two sisters at the Atlanta Braves game who were nosy enough to read the lady seated in front of them text messages. As the story goes, she was texting some guy under […]

Blast from the Past: When Your Ex-Boyfriend Resurfaces

Blast from the Past: When Your Ex-Boyfriend Resurfaces Last week, I had a huge blast from the past when an old boyfriend sent me a message on Facebook. Needless to say, we’ve been chatting on the phone every day. Years ago, a psychic told me I already knew the love of my life. He would […]

Dating & Religion: Changing Your Beliefs for Love

UPDATE: As with any tabloid or rumor; this one has been found to be false. Janet & hubby are reported as being blissfully in love. Although this story was false; it was certainly a good topic with great feedback. Feel free to read more here.   Dating & Religion: Would You Change Your Beliefs for Love? Janet […]

5 Things to Remember on Valentine’s Day

5 Things to Remember for Valentine’s Day Once again the day of love is here! The day that produces 2 hour restaurant waits, millions of red roses passed along with assorted chocolates, and cupids arrow momentarily hits people in the ass. Before I go any further, let me take a moment to wish all of […]

Mother Knows Best: Are Mothers Always Right?

Mothers play an intricate part in our dating life. When we meet who we perceive as the one we happily make plans to introduce our new boo to our mothers. From personal experience, somebody’s momma can make or break the relationship. Sometimes the phrase “ mother knows best ” rings true and dear sweet momma […]

Am I the Only Woman that’s Tired of Relationship Books?

Am I the Only Woman that’s tired of Relationship Books? A few days ago, I read that Tami Roman of Basketball Wives Miami is releasing a relationship book entitled Mistress 101. Judging from the title, I’m not sure what type of relationships she’s writing about or who would want her advice in the first place, […]

Girl Get Your Life: 5 Signs Your Man is Using You

Girl Get Your Life: 5 Signs He’s Using You When I was in my twenties, I was a really nice person. I’ll be the first to admit that I was somewhat gullible and maybe even naïve to the ways of people and how they operate.  I allowed people to take advantage of my kindness. At some […]

5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool

5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool Before I get started, I think I need to define what a side piece is. A side piece is basically the other person in someone’s life that’s there strictly for sexual pleasure. In fact, having a side peice has become so popular until some have labeled […]

Friday Fun: How to Know, if She’s Flirting with You

Hi Loves, I hope you all had a wonderful week! I am so glad today is Friday and I’m even happier that it’s a three day weekend (doing the happy dance, please join me). I wanted to keep things on the light side today. While checking my e-mail yesterday, I came across this totally cute […]