Lane Bryant

About Me

Live, Laugh, Love & Shop

My friends call me Shauntee!

Well, what can I say about myself? To most of the world, I’m nobody special. Just your average woman 1965603_10204674648721821_5442850982930155646_owho goes through what everyone else goes through in life. To my friends, well I’m the life of the party, the motivator, the advice giver, the girl with the great sense of humor, and one fashionably sexy chick. To myself, I’m the goddess of all living things: ) who lives life to the fullest despite obstacles.

I’ve been writing journals for years; I’ve found this to be one of the most therapeutic ways of getting over things, especially things I can’t understand or explain. I love communication, and I love communicating with people.  I decided to use my little space in the world to share some of my experiences, emotions, and some of my general thoughts with the world. I have a Masters in Communications with a focus on Public Relations and Social Media.

I believe people should live the best life possible. True happiness comes from loving ourselves first. I believe in the power of the Universe and manifesting positive experiences for myself and others. Life is what you make of it!

Live life to the fullest; Laugh until you cry; Love yourself first; Shop because it cheaper than therapy!


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