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What My First DIY Dresser Project Taught Me

What My First DIY Dresser Project Taught Me

I’m no DIY expert by a longshot, but I wanted to add a pop of color to this dresser. I purchased it so long ago until I can’t remember what month. I bought a sleeper sofa for my basement from Craigslist sometime in 2014. I wanted the sofa for guests and for my own napping pleasure when I do laundry or watch television. While I was picking up the couch, I spotted this dresser that had good solid bones with a few nicks here and there. I bought the dresser for $40.00 and made my brother load it up. I stored it in my garage; the shed behind my house that I use for everything except my car. I thought this would make a good DIY dresser for me to start with.


A year and a half pass by (raised eyebrow)……


I knew I couldn’t do anything during the summer. The 90-degree weather combined with a hot garage and spray paint makes for a bad combination that ends with a hospital. I waited until the weather cooled off and made the dresser a priority for me.

The first thing I did was removed the hardware and the cabinet door. I knew that I wanted to add a shelf along with cube organizers.

I revamped my living room during the spring. During that time, I purchased about 5 gallons of paint in different colors due to a buy one get one free sale at Ace Hardware. I chose to use the color darling by Clark+Kensington because my intentions were to put this piece in my bedroom.

I replaced the original hardware with cute crystal diamond cut knobs that I purchased on Amazon.


I used a liquid sander to remove the shine/varnish (I don’t really know) and painted my first and second coats. After drying, I spray painted the interior cabinet and painted the black trim. I made touch ups after the paint dried.

FullSizeRender (1)

Here’s what I learned:

1)    Don’t paint furniture with interior paint; it’s too thick and hard to smooth on the surface. The black trim was easy to paint because I used Americana Décor Chalky Finish paint. The paint was thinner, dried quicker, and was easier to handle than a gallon bucket.

2)    Make sure you know what you want! I wanted the dresser for my bedroom. My bedroom is black and white with hints of magenta. I’ve now decided that I don’t want to use the dresser for my bedroom. As a result, I now regret painting it “in yo face” pink. I should have painted it a more subtle color so I can sell it.

3)    This project was very therapeutic; I love using my creativity! I plan to work on some other projects to improve my upcycling skills.

4)    The pink dresser may spend another year in my garage…raised eyebrow. I think I may add stencil to it.

5)    I’ve watched too many episodes of Flea Market Flip.

If you’re looking for creative ideas, I love Hometalk!

Have you thought of taking on a DIY project around your home?

9 Responses to “What My First DIY Dresser Project Taught Me”

  1. Tyra says:

    OMG this is amazing! I had no idea where that was going then KAPOW! I love that it is so glam and cute and girly. I wish I was crafty…sigh!

  2. Kayvona says:

    Omg that is super cute!!! What a great idea!!

  3. Starkey says:

    I love DIY projects! I’m interested in updating furniture especially small pieces.

  4. JoAnna says:

    I was throwing away a dresser and my brother and sister in-law took it and made it look nice with a blue paint after sanding. I didn’t even know things like that could be done. lol You did a great job

  5. What an amazing job you did! Love it! I am a huge fan of repurposing old furniture and giving them life!

  6. Mimi Green says:

    I love the in yo face pink. You did a great job. I do a lot of DIY but I’ve not done any furniture. I’m inspired.

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