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Ready for Fall: 9 Awesome Trendy Backpacks

Today, I left my house with a denim jacket and a scarf draped around my neck. Chicago weather this week has been acting all types of funny. I started thinking about fall and the items I want for the fall/winter season. On my list is a  few trendy backpacks. At one point, I use to see women sporting cute mini backpacks and then the trend disappeared.

My first trendy backpack came from Coach at least 15 years ago when they only sold leather bags. I loved my Coach backpacks; I carried them everywhere. They were made to withstand a nuclear disaster. When the backpack trend started to fade, I sold my backpacks on eBay. Damn, Damn, Damn, I should have kept them. Don’t you hate when you get rid of something and then it comes back in style? Anyway, since history often repeats itself, Coach brought back many of their iconic styles and once again trendy backpacks can be seen in almost every department store and on almost every website.

So now I think it’s time for me to invest in a cute backpack. Check out nine trendy backpacks that I think are super cute for the fall/winter.

9 Awesome Trendy Backpacks


What do you think and what items do you have on your list for the fall/winter season?



10 Responses to “Ready for Fall: 9 Awesome Trendy Backpacks”

  1. Olivia says:

    Love the idea of accessorizing with a cute handbag! I like all of the ones in the pic!

  2. Love the rich Blue color and texture surprise it came from lane Bryant.

  3. Ooh can I have them all!! lol I love backpack purses, especially when I travel.

    • shauntee says:

      LOL, I wish I could have them all too!!!! I like using a nice backpack when I travel or for work. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. LaShon says:

    I remember the mini backpack craze very well. I used to work for an accessory store so I had a few varieties. I like them for vacation or a fun outing but not for everyday.

    • shauntee says:

      I use to carry one everyday to work when it was a popular trend. I would alternate now between the backpack and the totes I have for everyday use. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Valerie says:

    Super cute! I’m a bag lady and am always looking for cute bags/ backpacks to take to work. Awesome finds!

  6. I’ve been really into backpacks lately. These are some really cute options.

  7. I so remember the backpack phase from back in the day. I had a few of them from TjMaxx. hahahaha I’m digging this bold blue, its so pretty.

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