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Should You Expose Cheaters?

Should You Expose Cheaters

My question of the week is should you expose cheaters? This week, I’ve been following the story of the two sisters at the Atlanta Braves game who were nosy enough to read the lady seated in front of them text messages. As the story goes, she was texting some guy under the name Nancy while sitting next to her husband. The women witnessed the exchange, snapped photos, and decided to give hubby dearest a note stating that his wife is cheating on him.

Obviously, these girls were not at the Atlanta Braves game to watch a ballgame. I’ll admit that I can be nosy, but not nosy enough to invade someone’s privacy, read their text messages, and snap photos in the process.


Reasons why you don’t meddle in others affairs

You Don’t Know the Nature of Their Relationship

People have different perceptions of marriage and relationships. There are open marriages and sometimes people have different dynamics to what makes their relationship work.

Is Sexting Considered Cheating?

I would imagine there are several different opinions about it. However, I would assume it’s a form of cheating that eventually leads to physical cheating. There is no definite proof from the photos that this lady physically cheated on her husband. Yes, she’s wrong for sending and receiving sexually explicit text messages but honestly, it doesn’t prove she had sex with the guy.

Consider the people involved

If you do things for the right reasons, you don’t post it on social media with the caption “these hoes ain’t loyal”. If you want to consider this a good deed for the day; fine. However, you run the risk of being tacky when you post it on social media for the world to see. Although the couple faces were not visible, if they were my friends, I would recognize them. Be mindful of people’s feelings and how a post could cause more damage. They deserve to work their issues out in private. If the wife was cheating, consider the husband. Didn’t he deserve the right to deal with this in private?

Writing from personal experience; minding your own business is valuable trait. Unless people are your personal friends, you have no business interfering in someone’s personal life. Yes, that lady is bogus! But that’s their business.


What do you think? Did these sisters do the right thing or should they have minded their own business and enjoyed their beer at the baseball game? I’m likely the only person in the free world who feels they should have minded their own business.


(Photo: Credit: @LUV2BCH_)

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