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Falling and Getting Back Up

Falling and Getting Back Up

Last year, I found myself in the backwoods of South Carolina covered in mud and about thirty mosquito bites. This adventure was the first time I realized mosquitoes bit people on the lips. I was soaking wet, battered, bruised and shaken. But, I was determined to conquer this steep hill that presented a challenge for me. I learned the importance of falling and getting back up.

During my vacation, I decided that we should ride ATV’s through the woods. I, along with my family, and tour guide embarked on a 2-hour ride that the guide described as down and dirty. Normally, this is not something I would choose to do, but I wanted to try something different. Sometimes it’s good to step outside your comfort zone.

During the first hour, I handled the ATV like an expert; making it through the deep puddles of mud and water that played a part in the overall ATV experience. Finally, it was time to conquer the hills! I gave my ATV the required amount of gas and made it across the first set of rolling hills with ease. Now this is when I got a little too cocky! I got to the second set of hills that was much higher and steeper. I gave my ATV gas and started up the mountain. In the blink of an eye, I was flying in the air! I landed on the adjacent hill and rolled down about 30 feet. As I laid there listening to my sister’s dramatic scream, I had one of those what the hell just happened moments. As my family helped me up off the ground, the tour guide asked me was I in pain, and I said no “I want to get back on” and try again.

I'm on the blue ATV

I’m on the blue ATV

I thought of this today as I reflected on how many times life knocks us down. We get to a place where everything is peaches & cream and just like that, another obstacle presents itself. It is totally okay to fall off as long as you get back on! Falling and getting back up is a part of life. Falling makes you appreciate getting back up. You have to try no matter what you may face along the way.

I was glad I got back on the ATV despite a bruised ego and a sore hip. But I will admit, Epsom Salt became my best friend that following morning.

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