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My Top Five Travel Essentials

Travel season is officially here! I seem to think that anytime is a good time to get away, but most people do a majority of their traveling late spring and summer. Whenever I travel, I have five necessities that must go with me to my destination(s). Some have beauty/cosmetic items that they can’t leave behind. While others have tech items that they strap onto themselves to record all the action. Although I do love my tech gadgets, I don’t take then with me all the time.


Here are my top five travel essentials:

My Top Five Travel Essentials




A kick ass travel bag-I feel in love with overnighter from Henri Bendel. Your overnighter will get a lot more action than your luggage. This bag will stay with you on the plane, go with you on weekend getaways, and will serve as your trusty one stop shop throughout your travels. Why not invest in something cute and functional. The one from Henri Bendel is a little heavy on the budget, but it’s oh so gorgeous!


A cute maxi or a comfy jumpsuit (Sometimes Both)-Maxi dresses and jumpsuits pull double duty. They are easy to dress up or down and can easily go with both flip flops or wedge sandals.

My portable beats box or speakers– I love music, and I love the beach/ocean. I’ve done most of my travels to tropical beach locations. We stopped spending money on hotels a couple of years ago and swear by vacation rental homes. I have my room so during my down time, or when I’m getting dressed, I listen to my tunes. Portable speakers also well on the beach when you’re relaxing and want some soothing music; just make sure it’s protected.

A highly scented travel candle or travel fragrance spray – Whenever I check into a hotel or rental home, it’s general stocked with everything needed except fragrance spray. I take scented travel candles and a small fragrance spray to have in my hotel/bedroom and also for the bath. To be honest, you never know when you may have a fight with some bad food that requires you to spend some time on the throne.

A pair of awesome shades – I love cat eye sunglasses! Cat eye sunglasses are chic and fabulous. Need I say more!!!!!


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Whatever you have planned this summer……enjoy! And don’t forget, bad photos make the best vacation pics!


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  1. I never thought about bringing a travel candle. I like that idea! Makes things a little more homey. I’ll have to try that on my next trip!

    • shauntee says:

      Hi Keisha,
      Thank you for your comment! It does make things a little more homey and freshens up the space where you’ll be spending your time away from home. Whenever I go somewhere I make sure I take one.

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