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NOLA (New Orleans, LA) is Everything I Expected

I have an amazing time anytime I travel with my sisters. In February, we decided to do a girl’s trip to New Orleans, LA; neither of us had ever been before, so we jumped at the opportunity to book cheap flights during a sale. This is normally in January/February before the100 days of Summer take place. Some airlines offer cheap flights during the winter months.

New Orleans is everything I expected. I’m ending day one with a tall hurricane, sore feet, and a full belly. I love the south and how friendly the people are. We don’t get much of that  in the midwest. Random people speaking to you, dancing in the streets, and locals playing a mean bass is something Chicago doesn’t offer. Cruising the Mississippi, shopping at the Riverwalk, consuming a catfish po boy, hopping on and off trollies, and ending the night on Bourbon Street listening to a band cover my favorite tune by Journey is just what the doctor ordered.

I cannot stress how important it is to take some time to get away for a few days. In my dreams, I jet set from here to there never settling in one place. In reality, I know that in a few days life will return to normal for me; at least until next time.

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  1. Miles says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time down south. It is a wonderful city full of family fun, gluttony or scandal depending on your mood. I must say though, I feel compelled to defend our fair city.

    As a fellow local, we sometimes lose sight of how friendly and alive Chicago can be, especially during the summer months. If you walk down to Millennium Park on a hot Tuesday in July, you will indeed see friendly people dancing in the streets and just as mean a bass player busking for tips.

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