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Women Went Crazy Over Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Women Went Crazy over Lilly Pulitzer for Target
In the case of Lilly Pulitzer and Target, the phrase the early bird catches the worm comes to mind. The Lilly Pulitzer much-anticipated collection for Target hit the stores yesterday. The items available online were sold out by 8am! Crazy suburban women adorned in pastels, and floral prints  tore Target up in an attempt to grab clothing and housewares that were available. The rest of the people bought out the items to sale on eBay.

Crazy for Lilly!!!!!!!

Crazy for Lilly!!!!!!! Photo Source: Instagram User iq2thepon

The downer for me was that Target did not offer the plus size items in the store. I refuse to sit online at 5am waiting for a floral dress when I could easily purchase something similar. I only shop that early when I have insomnia! Although the collection was bright, cheerful, and colorful, it simply wasn’t worth it to me.  I am not a fan of super bright floral dresses on me. I end up looking like:

Of course, there were items that caught my eye. I was genuinely attracted to that espresso mug set that sold out in less than a minute. I also refuse, and I do mean refuse to get on eBay and pay $200.00 for something I know cost $30.00. Twitter was buzzing with angry women who were mad at the outlandish prices people were charging on eBay. At present, there are 30,445 auctions for Lilly Pulitzer for Target items! It appeared to be a madhouse at Target yesterday morning!


I ventured into Target yesterday and there was literally no sign that the collection had ever existed. I have 3 Target stores within a 5 mile radius of my home. I went there to buy laundry products and found myself visiting another store after the website informed me that the mugs were available there….No such luck!

This morning I went to the Target close to my job after the website once again told me the mugs were available; once again…No such luck! What I did find out is that quite a few Target employees wish they would have called off yesterday. A manager sternly told me that they would not be getting any more Lilly Pulitzer items in nor would they be restocked online. For those who didn’t get what they wanted by standing in a long ass Black Fridayish line yesterday morning  you’re pretty much SOL (Shit Outta Luck).

Should there be a limit on the amount of items people are allowed to buy in cases such as this? Probably, but at the same time…it’s all about money!!!!!


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