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Ray Rice Scandal: Would You Help A Victim of Domestic Violence

Ray-RiceRay Rice Scandal: Would You Help A Victim of Domestic Violence

I was watching Queen Latifah’s talk show last week and found myself cheering her on when she mentioned the whole Ray Rice situation. In case anyone has been living under a rock for the past month or so. Ray Rice, an NFL player, was caught on camera in February putting the smack down on his then fiancé in an elevator. The next month, she married him despite the infamous elevator altercation. What is it about elevators this year? Anyway, the NFL suspended him indefinitely, and the Ravens terminated his contract. And of course, social media had a grand ole time putting their 2 cents in on the matter.

Let’s be real for a moment here, this chick is not the first woman to suffer abuse at the hands of a man. There are plenty of women who live this life every day and no one has spoken up for them. But because this man plays on an NFL team, social media made a big deal out it. I’ve never been a victim of domestic violence nor have I ever been in an abusive relationship. It’s just not in my pattern to attract those types of people. However, there are millions of people (men and women) who get involved in these types of situations and find there is no way out. Despite the number of knives and cast iron skillets that is made available to us! I’m not a violent person at all, but if backed in a corner, I come out swinging!

I didn’t mention or write one thing about Ray Rice on social media. Why? Because despite everything that happened, this woman still married him. Lastly, I don’t get online and write about situations and how we need to stand up and fight for this or that and don’t do shit about it. It takes’s very little effort to get on Facebook or Twitter to write an opinion, tweet the NFL, and post your thoughts about how this man should burn in hell. However, if you looked out your window right now and seen a woman or a man being beaten by his or her partner, would you run out your door and try to intervene? The reason I have nothing to say is because I wouldn’t. Despite the publicity and the elevator attack, this woman has stayed by his side like so many do. People have to want help and want out in order for something to change. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time! In addition to that the media has messed up this lady’s money! She either loved him, or she was waiting for the big payback. Divorce and take half!

As I mentioned, there are plenty of women who are not celebrities who experience domestic violence. If it was your neighbor, friend, or relative would you continuously help if they continuously go back?

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2 Responses to “Ray Rice Scandal: Would You Help A Victim of Domestic Violence”

  1. Neisha says:

    You made a really good point. Now, being honest, if I saw something happening on the street I probably wouldn’t put my body into harm’s way. However, I have called the cops before when I walked past what appeared to be domestic violence.

    Regarding helping someone continuously, I would probably keep calling the cops on their behalf, but not necessarily keep allowing them into my home. Some people unintentionally drag others into their situations when they go back and forth to their abuser. We’ve seen stories of guys setting fire to their wife/girlfriend’s family member’s/friends’ homes to get back at her so I’d be nervous about that, especially now having children.

    Finally, like you said, a person has to want to get out and get help. I was hit/choked by an ex one time and that was it. I didn’t stay around to try and figure out if it was some sort of one time thing. The best way for us to help the victims is to teach them to value themselves so that if they do end up in an abusive relationship they leave immediately.

    • shauntee says:

      Hi Neisha,
      Thank you for your comment and sharing your honest viewpoint on the topic. I am glad you shared your experience and you were strong enough to walk away! Like you, I have called the police, but I wouldn’t do anything more. You’re right people do unintentionally drag others into their drama. Thanks again for stopping by.

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