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Deitrick Haddon: Should We Expect Better Behavior from Ministers

I’m no stranger to church at all. I was raised in a Baptist church and at one point in my life was a devout “almost” straight laced choir member. It’s no surprise to me when so called preachers end up in a whole crock pot full of foolishness. I have long believed that if you want to see some drama unfold, all you have to do is go to church; at least that’s how it is in the African-American community. So now the foolishness is televised by way of Preachers of LA and its fore front preacher Minister Deitrick Haddon is fondly reminding me  of why I don’t go to church. The last thing I need is for you to preach about God’s mercy and then I come home and see a picture of your “rod” plastered all over the internet. And I’m not talking about the rod that Moses used to part the red sea either!DeitrickHaddon

I’m a woman before anything else; so I’ll admit that my initial response was a bucked eyed “WOW” followed by a few HALLELUJAH’S. It wasn’t until I closed my browser that I shook my head and thought shame on it all. Apparently an old jump off (side chick) decided to leak pictures of Deitrick  that was supposedly taken when he was married to his first wife. Why oh why do people text naked pictures is beyond me. If somebody wants to see you naked tell them to come see the real thing! Allegedly, he was married to his first wife and then got the jump off number 2 pregnant. He then divorced his wife and married the 2nd jump off. Doesn’t this just makes you want to run to Sunday morning service?

I personally think that preachers are men before they’re anything else. However, one has to think that as a man called to supposedly lead a flock; one would make better decisions. The flesh however is weak and sometimes this leads to some not so wise choices. It’s not my place to judge him or anyone else, but it would truly be hard to watch and him and think about the stiff picture I just seen.

So sound off, do you think Ministers should be treated like regular men in these situations or should we hold them to a higher standard? Should we expect better behavior?

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