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Am I the Only Woman that’s Tired of Relationship Books?

Am I the Only Woman that’s tired of Relationship Books?

A few days ago, I read that Tami Roman of Basketball Wives Miami is releasing a relationship book entitled Mistress 101. Judging from the title, I’m not sure what type of relationships she’s writing about or who would want her advice in the first place, but nonetheless, she claims that her book will focus on how to keep a relationship, what they should do, and what they should be working on. Despite the fact that she’s divorced herself and in my opinion, could probably use some good anger management therapy. She’s confident that she’s more than qualified to give advice. Everyone wants to be a relationship expert. Am I the only woman that’s tired of relationship books?


At one point in time, I probably had about 10 – 15 relationship books on my shelf. I swear I read each of them from cover to cover in an attempt to fully understand relationships and men in the process.  Everything from He’s Just Not That into You to Karrine Steffans the Vixen Manual set neatly on my shelf. I was reading what the experts had to say right down to what the video vixen labeled “super head” had to share with us women. Although they were all worded differently, they all pretty much shared the same information. I will give credit to Steve Harvey’s “Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man (the book, not the movie) because it did somewhat share information from a man’s point of view that I had yet to read anywhere else. However, he should’ve quit at book number 1. The second book was repetitive of the first one. Been there, done that, heard that shit before! One day a few years ago, I just threw them all out!



I’ve come to learn that some things in life we will never fully understand. And I happen to think that relationships and men are two of those things. It’s really quite simple, either it works out or it doesn’t. You either work on yourself or you don’t. You either work well together or you don’t. There are no magic words or phrases in any book that can make someone be with you. They either want you or they don’t.

In fact, it’s only three things you need to have a decent relationship; a sharp mind, a mouth that works, and some legs that spread. Everything else will work itself out. Now, I just saved you $20.00!

Do you rely on relationship books for advice? And did you have a better relationship or understanding of one after you read the book?

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