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Sheryl Underwood and Curly Nappy Beads of Hair

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This week Sheryl Underwood co-host of “The Talk”, received major backlash after making some comments about afro hair on a re-aired episode that aired August 31st. I waited until today to watch the clip thinking that she had really roasted and offended people with natural hair. However, after I watched the clip, I thought “what the hell did she say that was offensive?” Better yet, when did people become so damn serious all the time? Sheryl Underwood is a comedian and is no different from any other comedian who has said questionable things and got a laugh out of it. I mean really; have you watched Eddie Murphy’s old stand up?

I have no problem with women who rock their own natural hair. I think that when it is well maintained it looks beautiful. However, I also believe that how someone decides to wear their hair is basically their decision. I have heard several women who rock their natural hair bash women with relaxers and weaves. So how is Sheryl Underwood’s comments any different from those of you who feel like you’re superior because you went back to Mother Nature?

Her comments “You can’t weave afro hair,” and that “You never see us at the hair place going ‘Look, here, what I need here is, I need those curly, nappy beads…That just seems nasty. I’m not sure why women have become so offended by it, but maybe I can’t understand since I have 24 inches of wavy Brazilian hair sewn in my head. And no, I do not have slave mentality. I rock it because that’s what I like!

I’m not sure why people have gotten so sensitive or why issues are made about something that has nothing to do with the betterment of mankind but as long as YOU feel like you’re beautiful shouldn’t that be all that matters….. regardless of how you wear your hair.

Watch the clip here

Sheryl Underwood released a statement recently apologizing for her misunderstood comments but people seem to have a hard time getting over it.

What do you think of her comments?


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