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Music Review: Rod Stewart Time

Rod Stewart Time: Music Review

I first heard Rod Stewart in the 80’s when I turned on the TV and heard the raspy rocker belt out the words, “if you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on baby let me know”. I remember dancing along to the song in some form of dance that probably resembled a very bad Harlem Shake. What can I say, I was a kid.

After nearly 20 years, Rod Stewart has released a new project appropriately named “Time”. The British singer seems to be consistent with two things good music and his hairstyle. The songs on CD range from up tempo to ballads that feature melodic tones that infuses a modern sound with the classic Stewart sound that I believe fans have come to love.


I love music that tells a story, in the ballad It’s Over Stewart sings about divorce and the pain that goes along with it. The song Time is a soulful ballad with awesome guitar work that has catchy lyrics “time waits for no one that’s why I can’t wait on you” Now that definitely hits home! Sexual Religion is an up tempo songs that would probably be a hit with the fans of Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? The song has a great sax solo and sort of sounds like modern disco music. These 3 songs were definitely my favorites.

I think Rod Stewarts latest project proves that no matter how long you’re out the game you can still come back swinging. The CD time was definitely worth listening to with its up tempo music, soulful ballads, and wonderful orchestration. I think a good project has music that inspires, uplift, and makes you want to groove to the beat. Rod Stewart’s Time has it all!

You can preview the project and purchase on iTunes by clicking here



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