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The Fat Flush Experience: Fat Flush Water

fat flush waterThe Fat Flush Experience

Over the last week or so various people have been reposting a recipe for fat flush water that was made popular on the Dr. Oz show. Last year, I was down about 50 lbs and was seriously doing well on my quest to achieve my target weight. I do not have dreams and ambitions of being a skinny woman. I’m totally comfortable in the skin I’m in. However, I did have a certain weight in mind that would still make me a plus size woman but just some pounds lighter. After my vacation last year to Aruba and a few other places, my diet disappeared. I can only imagine that it decided to stay on the tropical islands and relax in the sun all day while I came back to face the fall and winter seasons. My diet was history right along with my vacation.

So in an effort to trim down a little for the upcoming summer season, I decided to reduce my calories and try this fat flush water. The recipe is super simple:

1 sliced cucumber

1 sliced grapefruit

1 peeled tangerine

10-20 mint leaves

Mix everything in a pitcher and add water (I added 4 bottled waters). Refrigerate for an hour and enjoy. According to the several post on Facebook you’re suppose to drink this before each meal 3 times a day for 10 days.

Judging from the reviews, I expected the water to taste rather refreshing. I am firmly aware that sometimes food that is good for you don’t always taste that great. I was expecting the water to taste at least OK. Upon my initial sip of this concoction, I seriously wanted to spit it out. It tastes absolutely horrible!!!! And the after taste is something I can’t even describe, which is why it stated that you should drink it before meals. I have no idea why people try to make it seem like diet drinks actually taste good. It doesn’t!!! I would rather drink a Dr. Pepper. As a matter of fact, dieting sucks!!!! If someone tells you dieting is fun; it’s a damn lie!

I’m going to attempt to stick with this for 10 days because I do understand the nutritional content of the citrus and cucumber. This will undoubtedly be a huge challenge because judging by the taste my fat doesn’t need to be flushed that bad that I would subject myself to drink this. But we’ll see what happens!

Has anyone ever tried this or any other water? What were your results?

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19 Responses to “The Fat Flush Experience: Fat Flush Water”

  1. Renee says:

    I’m trying it now and it tastes delicious! I was hoping to find some reviews that mentions weight loss..

    • shauntee says:

      Hi Renee, Thanks for your comment! I lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks but I’m not sure if it’s because of the fat flush water, because I scaled back the calories as well. Let me know how it works for you.

  2. Jess says:

    I just made this water last night. Tried it this morning..I was all excited because everyone says how they have lost quite a few pounds and how great it is! Well, I think it is absolutely disgusting! It tastes like a cucumber and stomach acid martini! So gross. I am also curious to know though, if we go changing the amounts of the ingredients for better taste, will it still have the same benefits???

    • shauntee says:

      I agree 100% that’s exactly what it taste like. I’m going to try removing the peel off the grapefruit. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Val says:

    so i made mine this morning….and the taste is bad but tolerabe….im going to do it for the 10 days. but it does taste pretty bad and the skins of the grapefuit gets int he way of me just chugging it to avoid the taste. im still going to try i bought all the stuff.

  4. JACKIE says:


  5. Shannon says:

    I make this with 1/2 cucumber, 2 quarts of water, a sliced lime and a sliced lemon (to get the citrus – I squeeze the end parts of the lime and lemon into the water and then just drop in the rest of the slices), plus mint leaves. I let it sit overnight and drink it over ice. I think it tastes VERY refreshing! If you don’t like cucumbers, you may not like the taste. If you do, you may actually enjoy it! I do!

  6. Sheryl says:

    Hi shauntee,

    I make a version of this beverage with cucumber, lemon, limes, mint and… cut the overwhelming cucumber taste and to boost the digestive properties of the drink…..chopped raw ginger to taste. Absolutely delicious to my palate; perhaps you will enjoy it, too! Thanks so much for posting this.

    • shauntee says:

      Hi Sheryl, Thanks for sharing that wonderful recipe! I will try that out this weekend. Sounds like it would taste better.

  7. Sorvea says:

    Umm.. I actually loved it… For me, it tasted like traveling to a fairy-tale world, and drinking from a clean, crisp, fresh mountain stream… Maybe I have an overactive imagination… but yes, I can taste the citrus in there.

    • shauntee says:

      Yes, you do have an overactive imagination but I’m glad it worked for you 🙂 thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. Kerrie says:

    Can pregnant women drink the fat flush water?

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  10. April says:

    I love it! I make it without the mint. My kids and husband drink it too. It’s a sub for juice in my house.

  11. April says:

    Yes, pregos can have it too. It’s natural.

  12. Christine says:

    My first batch was bitter. I peeled my citrus and recipe called for two mint leaves. 2nd batch I squeezed the citrus into the water and it’s a lot more refreshing, and tasty.

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