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Woman Smothers Boyfriend to Death with Large Breasts

woman smothers boyfriend to death with large breastsFirst of all, loves it is cold over here in Shaunteeville also known as Chicago. The current temperature is 10 degrees. It was so cold this morning until I truly believe my eyebrows and eyelashes frosted up while standing outside. Now back to my topic, I was sitting at my desk thinking to myself, “Damn, I haven’t heard any weird news lately, where are all the weirdoes? Then as I was checking my Facebook newsfeed The Huffington Post gave me exactly what I was looking for. The title simply read “Woman Smothers Boyfriend to Death with Large Breasts. Bingo, we got a winner! Death by breasts!!!!

Apparently, a 51 year old Washington woman used her breasts to smother her boyfriend to death. Neighbor’s witness the women throw her boyfriend down in the back of their mobile home. These neighbors must’ve been nosey as hell! Witnesses later found her on top of her boyfriend with his face covered with her breasts. Paramedics performed CPR on him but he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The boyfriend was also 51 years of age. Now, my first question is what would possess someone to smother another person with their milkshakes. Why couldn’t she smother her boyfriend with a pillow like normal people?

I’m inclined to believe that possibly this was a sexual fetish that went horribly wrong. I don’t understand how this man could not get this woman off of him. Even though she was 20 lbs heavier then he was. Men are generally much stronger than women. There are people out here in which choking and smothering is a normal part of their sexual routine; so is it possible that he wanted to be smother? Yes! Did he intend to die from huge knockers being held on his face? I’m sure not! According to the publish report, the same thing happened in November when a German lawyer claimed his girlfriend tried to smother him to death with her 38DD’s. She then later stated that she wanted his death to be as pleasurable as possible. Yeah, this is some crazy shit! She was later accused of attempted manslaughter with a weapon. Breasts have officially become the new murder weapon.

Who would’ve guessed that the same body part that brings so much pleasure to men and sometimes women could also be the cause of their death! In closing, to all the T&A (tits & ass) people in world, you may want to just go with the ass. That is of course until someone smothers their boyfriend by sitting their huge ample ass on their face. You would then be shit out of luck, but hey there’s always personality.

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