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All of My Purple Life: A Very Special Surprise for My Most Loyal Reader

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Because of my vacation and my 13 day hiatus from Chicago, I was out of the loop on upcoming events going on in the city. The week that I returned, I found out the Prince was coming to Chicago and that tickets were going on sale 5 minutes later. Both my mom and I are huge Prince Fans and we vowed that if he ever came to Chicago our face will be in the place. So I logged onto Ticketmaster in hopes of finding tickets. My computer locked up for approximately 7 minutes and returned with the best available seats being nosebleeds. When a second show was added the same thing happened to me again and tickets appeared to be sold out. Prince doesn’t tour as much so I knew that he may possibly never get to Chicago again!

Luckily, I’m the kind of woman who refuses to give up when I want something. So I set out to secretly find ticket brokers that had the perfect seats waiting for me.  My search proved to be successful and I purchased 2 tickets for tonight’s concert for me and my dear sweet mother.  I got the very best tickets my hard earned dollars could buy. Surprisingly, she knows nothing about it and has no idea she’s going anywhere tonight until she reads this post. It has been very hard to contain my excitement!

I truly appreciate my mom for supporting my blog and taking the time every morning to read what I have written. My mom has always operated on the motto whatever my kids want, they get. Yes, this essentially led to the 4 of us being spoiled but now that I’m a grown ass woman, I operate on the motto whatever my mother wants she gets 🙂

So tonight, my mom and I have a date with Prince. I hope she doesn’t fall out her chair at work!


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