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Fabulous Fashion Finds-Ralph Lauren & The Big Pony Fragrance Collection

This weekend was a full one for me and I’m feeling the after effects of it at the moment. Friday, I went to dinner and checked out a movie.  I checked out Cabin in the Woods and thought it would be fright fest 2012 for me. I don’t write reviews on movies, but let me say this, if you got $10.00 you want to waste, let me know, I will gladly send you my PayPal address because I  could definitely find a better way for you to spend $10.00. Saturday was a good day, lunch, and a little shopping is always a good time for me. I honestly didn’t buy much, but found myself in Ulta looking at all the cosmetics, perfume, and beauty products. I ended up purchasing a few items from there. I love Urban Decay, Too Faced, & Stila cosmetics. While in Ulta, I got a chance to check out Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony Fragrance Collection. Ladies, this collection smells unbelievably good and for those of you who don’t want to dish out $70.00 for a bottle, it comes in a spray mist that cost $23.00. This is perfect for the spring/summer season when you generally wear lighter scents. Heavy scents often attract bees like moths to a flame. Bee stings is NOT fabulous so keep it light!















In preparation for my vacation this year, I have started looking for some super cute pieces to take along with me on my 10 day adventure. I wanted to get some nautical style pieces and I knew exactly who to turn to …Ralph Lauren! As you all know, I’m all about saving money, so I took to eBay and was able to find this adorable hat and dress to get me started and the wonderful thing is my total for both pieces brand new came to a little under $45.00 total, which is an excellent deal for Ralph Lauren!

Check out RL Big Pony Fragrance Collection and let me know what you think


Happy Shopping 🙂

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