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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Spring

I had an awesome weekend full of laughter, love, and shopping. The weather has warmed up and spring is definitely in the air. The weather this weekend here in Chicago was absolutely wonderful and I was all geeked up to get out and take advantage of it. The first thing I did was get myself a new hairdo in preparation for the spring, I wanted something funky and hot so I turned to my interlock stylist Bea of Interlock Styles, she knows what I like cute & funky or long & curly. Bea does an amazing job on my extensions and I trust her to have me looking like a million dollars. I’ve been wearing extensions for about 15 years now. No one with the exception of a few family members has ever seen my natural hair; this includes close friends who I see on the regular. So I decided to snap a picture Friday night after I removed my lace front wig and let the world see what I look like before and after I had Bea install my extensions. This is a very rare photo that will never ever again be posted because I normally only let people see me in my fabulous state. I won’t step outside without some hair in my head!

The before picture shows me looking a H.A.M (Hot Ass Mess) LOL. I know most of you was not expecting me to have a mini fro. As you can see, I went for a cute and funky bohemian look with some highlights. My new extensions will last me about 2 months. It’s very low maintenance and I can wash my hair and the curls will spring right back into place. Please feel free to visit Bea’s website for more information on her healthy extension process. Before starting Interlock Styles, Bea was an instructor at Mario Tricoci School of Beauty so ladies she knows what she’s doing.

After I got my new hair, I was feeling really cute so I headed out to do what I do best …SHOP! Like I mentioned before I hadn’t been to mall in over a month so I thought it was time. I headed out with my sidekick (my sister) to Orland Park to Nordstrom Rack, DSW, Marshalls, and Orland Square Mall. I found some really great deals but my awesome deal of the day was this DKNY sequins party dress that once retailed for $128.00 for $9.99. Lane Bryant had a wonderful clearance sale on DKNY and I walked away with 4 DKNY pieces for less than $40.00. I then made my sister try on and model shoes for me πŸ™‚ DKNY can be somewhat hard to find in Lane Bryant stores because only select stores carry DKNY and Seven.







As I was in the mall, I stopped at a pretzel place to grab a drink …ok a pretzel and a drink and I noticed people staring at me. I wondered was something abnormally wrong with me until one of the guys in green asked me if my tattoo was real? I didn’t forget that it was St. Patrick’s Day but I did forget I had a Four Leaf Clover tattooed on my arm. I got the tattoo about 2 years ago because of what the leaves on the clover stood for. Hope, Faith, Love, and Luck!

As I was standing in the mall, I looked down and seen green by green I mean money. Out of the blue cash appeared on the floor before me, I’m not sure where it came from; no one was standing next to me nor had anyone passed me. The mall was closing at this point so it was pretty empty. I picked up the wad of cash and immediately looked at my four leaf clover. Over the past year this is like the fourth time cash has appeared out of the blue for me. I may not be Irish, but just maybe I have the luck of the Irish πŸ™‚

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